Advanced Product Solutions

Deep Groove Ball Bearings

NSK deep groove ball bearings are designed to deliver unsurpassed performance in motors, pumps and a limitless variety of applications. Precision high-grade balls and super-finished raceway surfaces provide smooth, quiet and wear-resistant operation. A wide range of lubricant options ensure efficient operation with low noise and low torque at high speeds, with long life at high temperatures, and with superior water resistance. For challenging environments, NSK seal designs ensure protection from external contaminants to retain optimal performance.

NSK deep groove ball bearings are available with a variety of special materials, coatings, solid lubricants and customized design solutions for special environments and specific applications.


Design Features

arrow-right-red Manufactured from ultra clean steel for extended fatigue life
arrow-right-red High-grade balls for quiet and smooth operation
arrow-right-red Super finished raceways – minimize noise and improve lubricant distribution and life
arrow-right-red With pressed steel (standard), polyamide and brass cages
arrow-right-red High performance grease options for high speeds, extreme temperatures and water resistance
arrow-right-red With contact seals, light-contact seals, non-contact seals and non-contact shields

For Industrial Motors

NSK offers a variety of design solutions perfectly matched to meet the needs for low friction, low noise, low heat generation, low energy consumption and extremely high efficiency and reliability in industrial motor applications.

arrow-right-red Cage types for high speed, high efficiency, heavy-duty performance
arrow-right-red Grease formulations for higher speeds and longer seizure life
arrow-right-red Ceramic coating and ceramic balls to prevent electrical erosion
arrow-right-red Special heat-treated balls to improve seizure resistance
arrow-right-red Special designs to mitigate bearing creep and fretting damage