Advanced Product Solutions

Water-Resistant Grease

Effective lubrication is essential to bearing performance and operating life, particularly in rolling mill applications where the entry of foreign debris and water can quickly lead to lubricant deterioration, metal-on-metal contact and flaking damage.

For sealed four-row tapered roller bearings and work roll applications, NSK has developed long-life water-resistant grease (AQGRD R1) which is enhanced in base oil viscosity and special water-resistant additives.

With a thicker layer of oil film and a protective oxide film, AQGRD R1 grease possesses advanced properties to repel water. Even in cases where there is insufficient oil film, the protective oxide film is still able to prevent water contact between the rollers and raceway surfaces.


Proven Advantages

arrow-right-red Inhibits water entry to rolling surface
arrow-right-red Minimizes premature flaking and rust
arrow-right-red More than doubles bearing flaking life versus conventional grease
arrow-right-red Reduces grease consumption and grease waste
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NSK Bearing Grease Properties

Color Yellow
NLGI grade 2
Consistency (worked penetration) 322
Base oil Mineral oil
Thickener Lithium complex soap
Base oil viscosity, mm2/s at 40°C / at 100°C 352 / 28.7
Viscosity index 108
Dropping point (°C) 216
Oil separation (mass %) 1.4
Oxidation stability (kPa) 30
Water washout (mass %) 59
Corrosion preventive properties (based on ASTM D1743) #1 (no corrosion)