Advanced Product Solutions


NSK Molded-Oil bearings are uniquely designed to prevent the ingress of contamination from detrimentally impacting bearing performance, while providing a continuous and clean source of lubrication to the bearing. Oil-impregnated polyolefin resin serves as a barrier to water and dust, and slowly releases ample lubrication to the bearing with minimal risk of oil leakage for an extended maintenance-free service life and reduced operating costs.

Proven Advantages

Extended maintenance-free performance with continuous supply of clean lubricant
Eliminates the need for relubrication, reducing maintenance costs
Eliminates risk of grease leakage, promoting clean operating environments
More than 2x the operating life of grease lubricated bearings in water or dust-contaminated environments
Ideal solution for remote or restricted access areas

Spherical roller bearings for general and high-speed operation

Tapered roller bearings for general operation


Deep groove ball bearings for general and high-speed operation


Lubricated with oil-impregnated material (solid lube) consisting of lubricating oil and polyolefin resin
Oil slowly seeping from this material provides ample lubrication to the bearing for extended periods
Acts as a barrier to water and dust ingress
Low torque for smooth rotation of rolling elements
Compositions for both general and high-speed use
Available for spherical roller, tapered roller and deep groove ball bearings

Additional Solid Lube Options

Extreme temperatures, with solutions for temperatures ranging from as low as -50°F to as high as 350°F
Heavy loads with low speeds, with high-viscosity oil to accommodate heavily loaded roller bearings
Food-grade solutions, including suitability for incidental food contact and food processing
High temperature wash-down applications