Advanced Product Solutions

NUB Cylindrical
Roller Bearings

While contending with high heat, heavy loads, low speed and water exposure, the bearings used in continuous casting machinery must operate with reliability to ensure that yield, productivity and cost-efficiency is maximized. NSK’s new NUB series cylindrical roller bearings are designed to be particularly effective for the free end of strand guide rolls, accommodating roll shaft bending and expansion while running with reduced sliding friction and wear for a longer, reliable operating life.


Proven Advantages

arrow-right-red Extended operating life – as much as 3 times that of alternative solutions
arrow-right-red Reduced internal differential sliding friction and wear
arrow-right-red Accommodates roll shaft bending / misalignment
arrow-right-red Smoothly absorbs roll expansion resulting from high operating temperatures
arrow-right-red Easy installation with non-separable design
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Design Features

arrow-right-red Single row, full complement cylindrical roller bearing
arrow-right-red Extremely high capacity internal design parameters, with optimal size and number of rollers
arrow-right-red Optimized roller crowning reduces internal sliding friction and wear while absorbing roll bending
arrow-right-red Non-separable, with outer ring ribs and inner ring retaining rings for ease of installation
arrow-right-red Rib-free inner ring permits axial displacement in both directions
arrow-right-red Relative movement characteristics of inner and outer raceways smoothly absorb roll expansion
arrow-right-red Dimensionally interchangeable with conventional bearing types
arrow-right-red Radial internal clearance C4 is standard

Designation System


Bearing Dimensions and Operating Values

mm kN
d D B r (min) Dynamic Static
120NUB40V 120 180 60 2.0  450  740
130NUB40V 130 200 69 2.0  570  950
140NUB40V 140 210 69 2.0  560  960
150NUB40V 150 225 75 2.1  665  1 160
160NUB40V 160 240 80 2.1  765  1 360

Additional bearing sizes are available. Please contact NSK for additional information.