Advanced Product Solutions

Sealed Spherical
Roller Bearings

Iron and steel manufacturers require highly reliable equipment that can withstand the harshest conditions, a relentless storm of debris, water intrusion and extreme heat. For these high load, highly contaminated operating conditions, NSK designed our sealed spherical roller bearing. With a highly effective contact seal and pre-lubricated with long-life grease, our sealed design also delivers uncompromising high-capacity performance for a long and reliable operating life.

Design Features

Manufactured with high purity steel for superior fatigue strength
Optimized, high-capacity internal design
Highly effective contact seal
Pre-lubricated with specially formulated long-life grease
With wear-resistant surface hardened pressed steel cages
Advanced raceway surface finishing for durability and wear resistance

Proven Advantages

Longer bearing operating life achieved in water and particle contaminated environments
Reduces maintenance costs and grease consumption
Promotes a cleaner working environment