NSK Case Study


Caster Turret

Cost Savings: $288,000

A steel mill asked NSK to evaluate the condition of their caster turret bearing. A NSK industry specialist evaluated the torsion values of the bolts and determined some had been elongated and needed to be re-torqued. Upon completion, NSK also performed a deflection test to evaluate the wear of the bearing in this critical component.

Key Facts

arrow-right-red Application: Caster turret (Country: USA)
arrow-right-red End-product: Steel
arrow-right-red Problem: Studs on turret caster bearing were loose
arrow-right-red Objective: Maintain bearing properly to increase life


Steel Mill

Value Proposals

arrow-right-red NSK re-torqued several studs on a turret caster bearing
arrow-right-red NSK also performed a deflection test to help evaluate the remaining life of this critical component
arrow-right-red Spare studs needed to be ordered since they were not on site and require a long lead time
arrow-right-red Downtime was reduced

Industry Specialist Support

Industry Specialist’s experience and knowledge help optimize bearing performance and increase reliability by:

arrow-right-red Improving productivity
arrow-right-red Reducing maintenance
arrow-right-red Improving efficiency
arrow-right-red Optimizing design
arrow-right-red Reducing total cost

Services include:

arrow-right-red Maintenance training
arrow-right-red Machine and bearing failure analysis
arrow-right-red Bearing storage solutions
arrow-right-red Troubleshooting
arrow-right-red Tilt and deflection testing
arrow-right-red Installation and removal
arrow-right-red Maintenance Best Practices

Slewing Ring Bearing Service

Cost-Savings Breakdown

  Before Cost NSK Solution Cost  
  Cost_Saving_Downtime Downtime 120 hrs @ $2,400/hr $288,000 Maintenance service $0  
  Total Costs $288,000 Total Costs $0  
Before Cost
Cost_Saving_Downtime Downtime 120 hrs @ $2,400/hr $288,000
Total Costs $288,000
NSK Solution Cost
Cost_Saving_Downtime Maintenance service
Total Costs $0

Your Partner for Machine Optimization

Our AIP Added Value Program is based around a simple proposition: ‘improvement pays’. By working with you throughout the AIP Value Cycle, we will help you achieve improvements in machine reliability, productivity and performance, all of which carry a tangible and measurable cost benefit – and we have the tools to prove it! That’s what we mean by improvement pays.