NSK Case Study


Continuous Casting Machine:
Shaped Sections

Cost Savings: $150,086

An international steel manufacturer was experiencing regular failures on bearings in a continuous casting machine. The machine is used in the production of shaped sections and as a result the bearings have to accommodate extremely heavy loads. Wear and fatigue were resulting in premature bearing failure, with 3 failures to date. After an investigation of the application, NSK suggested a durability test with NSK’s SWR™ Spherical Roller Bearings. SWR bearings are made of specially developed bearing steel, which has much better wear resistance against fatigue.

Key Facts

arrow-right-red Continuous Casting Machine
arrow-right-red Wear and fatigue caused short bearing life
arrow-right-red Heavy operation conditions
arrow-right-red Longer bearing lifetime and reduced maintenance costs requested

Value Proposals

arrow-right-red NSK engineers conducted an Application Review including a Bearing Condition Report
arrow-right-red As a result, a trial utilizing Super Wear-Resistant (SWR) Spherical Roller Bearings was recommended
arrow-right-red The SWR bearings achieved 60% longer life
Super wear-resistant
SWR Spherical
Roller Bearing

Product Features

arrow-right-red Optimized, high-capacity internal design
arrow-right-red Outer rings manufactured with proprietary SWR steel composition and heat-treatment process
arrow-right-red With wear-resistant surface treated pressed steel and heavy-duty machined brass cages
arrow-right-red Superior wear resistance – 3 times that of conventional bearing steel
arrow-right-red Improved flaking life property – 5 times that of conventional bearing steel
arrow-right-red Higher toughness of material core (prevention of crack damage) – 5 times that of conventional bearing steel
arrow-right-red Improved bearing durability extends segment roll operation, reducing maintenance costs and preventing unplanned downtime
SWR Spherical
Roller Bearings

Cost-Savings Breakdown

  Before Cost NSK Solution Cost  
  Cost_Saving_Downtime Loss of production due to bearing failures $107,204 No production loss $0  
  Cost_Saving_Maintenance Maintenance $42,882 No maintenance $0  
  Total Costs $150,086 Total Costs $0  
Before Cost
Cost_Saving_Downtime Loss of production due to bearing failures $107,204
Cost_Saving_Maintenance Maintenance $42,882
Total Costs $150,086
NSK Solution Cost
Cost_Saving_Downtime No production loss
Cost_Saving_Maintenance No maintenance $0
Total Costs $0

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