NSK Case Study


Pipe Forming Roll

Cost Savings: $2,164,800

A large steel manufacturer wanted to achieve longer replacement intervals for the bearing solutions used in their pipe forming mill. The customer had been using a bearing arrangement consisting of 2 different competitor products: a double-row cylindrical along with a needle thrust bearing on each side of the roll. The average operating life for this bearing arrangement was 4 months before catastrophic failure of the needle roller bearing occurred, with components from the bearing becoming rolled into the pipe and creating marginal scrap. NSK approached the application with an original product design – a sealed-clean double-row tapered roller bearing unit capable of accommodating significantly higher axial and radial loads. This recommendation increased the bearing replacement interval threefold.

Key Facts

Previous bearing arrangement running approximately 4 months before failure and replacement
Significant lost production
NSK solution: special design sealed double-row tapered roller bearing
Dramatically increased operating life
Reduced mill downtime
Significant cost savings for bearing replacement and maintenance

Pipe Forming Roll

Value Proposals

NSK engineers reviewed the application and operating conditions
Analysis revealed inadequacies of previous solution, and determined performance requirements of new product design
A special design sealed tapered roller bearing was produced, delivered and installed
The customer experienced significant increased bearing life, reduced maintenance intervals and associated cost, and dramatic savings in lost production due to frequent downtime

Product Features

Special design double-row tapered roller bearing
Accommodates high radial and axial loads
Integral seals provide advanced contamination resistance
Double-cup design with 2 cones and a cone spacer
Cone spacer is equipped with holes to facilitate efficient relubrication
Special Design Sealed
Double-Row Tapered
Roller Bearings

Cost-Savings Breakdown

  Before Cost NSK Solution Cost  
  Lost Production $2,769,250 Lost Production $692,300  
  Bearing Replacement $113,850 Bearing Replacement $28,450  
  Maintenance $3,300 Maintenance $850  
  Total Costs $2,886,400 Total Costs $721,600  
Before Cost
Lost Production $2,769,250
Bearing Replacement $113,850
Maintenance $3,300
Total Costs $2,886,400
NSK Solution Cost
Lost Production
Bearing Replacement $28,450
Maintenance $850
Total Costs $721,600

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